WordPress & Tech Quiz

We at Easy Quiz Player are looking for a partner for a mutually beneficial collaboration, where we can deliver content of your choice in quiz form. We have created a quiz about WordPress and technology to demonstrate our product and the features and possibilities it contains. Can you ace this test?

Our proposal

Easy Quiz Player is a WordPress plugin for creating your own quizzes – easy, but still with a professional look. The topic and content is just for demonstrational purpose. In case of a collaboration we naturally design the quiz template according to your wishes and needs, both concerning colors and fonts and a pick out a content that you think that your readers would appreciate.

An arrangement proposal:

1. Together we pick out a suitable topic for the quiz campaign, maybe some kind of content marketing or tech quiz?

2. We set up a competition for your readers, where you encourage them to create their own Easy Quiz Player quizzes in the selected topic.

3. After the competition period we select the best quiz together with you.

4. The winner gets his/her quiz published on your site and also win a PRO license for Easy Quiz Player. Of course we can add other prizes as well.

You get a free, engaging content of your choice on your site. Our quizzes are usually spread in various social media platforms, through challenges and shares.

We get more people to discover our plug-in, together with a well-renowned site.

Contact us

Does this sound attractive? Of course we are open to other arrangements, this is only a suggestion. Feel free to pitch other ideas to us!