Make a quiz about your favourite artist in our Easy Quiz Player competition!

The best quiz in the competition wins one month PRO license in Easy Quiz Player and gets published on our website.

R ecently the legend Prince passed away, only 57 years old. We at Easy Quiz Player want to remember and honour him, so we made a quiz about the short, but gigantic, artist (see and play below). We would also like to invite all of you to do the same, either about Prince or some other artist that you love, alive or dead. After the 31 of May we pick out what we consider to be the best quiz of these, and the winner gets one month PRO license in Easy Quiz Player and also gets published on our website and in our blog.
The writers of the second and third best quiz also win one month BASIC license each.

How to compete:

1. Create a quiz about your favourite artist/group in Easy Quiz Player
2. Publish the quiz on your blog/website
3. Send the link to the published quiz to us at


We will especially value quizzes with:

  • Interesting, varied questions
  • Various question types
  • Good spelling and no factual errors

Competition period: April 28 – May 31

Read our pointers on how to create a good quiz here.


Here’s our Prince Quiz we did for some inspiration. Good luck!

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