Kwantowo use quizzes to enlighten their users about science

Congratulations Kwantowo!

Every week we select a quiz that we’d like to feature on our website because of its value for all our users.

This week on Easy Quiz Player we’ve selected one of Kwantowos science quizzes. This specific quiz is about black holes and their structure, mechanism and history.

Kwantowo is a Polish blog aiming to educate its readers in scientific areas in a fun and easily accessible way.

This quiz contains the qualities that we think that a great quiz should have:

  • Good content
  • Nice design
  • Both educational and entertainment value
  • Great feedback from the users

Kwantowo has made several science quizzes, all with good feedback from users. Kwantowo’s quizzes have succeeded 1 800 games in total.

Great quiz! More of these, Mr. Adam!


Please feel free to leave a comment on what you think about their work and quiz.

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