Guide: How to create a great quiz on your WordPress page

T he word “quiz” is several hundred years old, but the practice itself is much older than that. To test your, or other people’s, knowledge about all sorts of things is probably as old as the spoken word.
Today quizzes are an extremely popular and engaging form of entertainment, and also a great source of knowledge. Everybody wants to feel clever and compete with their friends.

Why quiz online?

There is an endless number of corporate web sites, blogs and applications out there, and to get noticed, remembered and appreciated you need something to stand out from the rest. Something that catches your visitors’ attention and makes them stay longer on your site.

With quizzes you get all this, and in addition you can present information about your products, business or activities in a fun and pleasant way without it being perceived as advertising. Above that you also get an automatic distribution of your content when your visitors after playing the quiz challenge their friends, who then challenge their friends and so on – a great way to get new leads, likes and followers, which can turn into customers.

Advantages with having a quiz on your site:

  • Increases traffic to your site, through challenges and word of mouth
  • Engages and entertains your visitors, they get a more positive experience of your site
  • A great way to present your products, activities or ideas in a less pushy way
  • You can get new leads from the player registration
  • Keeps the visitor longer on your site

Quiz & gamification – a dynamic combination

Gamification is in short the use of game thinking and game-like elements in non-gaming contexts to encourage participation and engagement. This has been used in different forms for many years, but it is only in recent years that the term has been widely spread and really something that has caught many businesses’ and key figures’ attention.

A perfect example of gamification is quiz, especially combined with features like time pressure, points and a high score list, which increase excitement and rivalry.

How to make your quiz attractive

Everyone can create quizzes and write questions, but making a really entertaining and appreciated quiz is actually not that easy. During our years in the quiz industry we at MillionMind have learned a lot about what characterizes a good quiz.

Here are some pointers that can help you create a good quiz:

  • Don’t make the quiz too long, with too many questions.
    Somewhere between 5 and 10 questions is usually enough. With more than 10 questions some players can start to lose interest and get a less positive impression of the quiz.
  • Don’t make the questions too long.
    Try to keep the questions, and even more important, the alternatives relatively short. Of course you can adjust the time frame for longer questions, but if you have many “heavy” questions with a lot of text the players can tire of the quiz. It’s better to have a shorter and “lighter” quiz. That also increases the players’ willingness to play the quiz again, and again…
  • Choose images with care.
    Make sure that the images you pick catch the essence of the question, and try to pick vivid images. That makes the question itself more interesting and vibrant. Also keep in mind that many images online falls under copyright laws.
  • Find the right difficulty level.
    Everyone likes to feel clever, and most people tend to appreciate a quiz more if they know some or most of the answers. But people also do like challenges, so the questions shouldn’t be TOO easy either. For that reason, try to make the quiz challenging with a few difficult questions and then some easier questions, in an entertaining mix.
  • Don’t reveal the answer unintentionally.
    Try to make sure that you don’t give away the right answer when choosing your alternatives.

Here are some things to bear in mind:

  1. With scale questions, don’t always put the right answer in the middle. Vary the range, so that the right answer also is at the end of the scale sometimes.
  2. If the right answer is “Michael Schumacher”, don’t make the other alternatives “’Michael Fischer” and “Franz Schumacher”. Then it’s easy to work out that “Michael” and “Schumacher” is the right combination.
  3. Try to formulate the alternatives similarly, which makes it harder to guess the right answer. If the right answer is “The first British woman in space”, then alternatives like “An actor” or “A president” are not detailed enough. If the alternatives, for instance, are formulated like “The first woman to win two Oscars” and “The first female president in Africa”, then it’s much harder to guess the right answer without knowing it.

And remember, these advices are just advices. Different people like different kinds of questions and quizzes, but these pointers will help you to create quizzes that most people will enjoy.

Easy Quiz Player – a new quiz plugin

At MillionMind we have developed a flexible and user-friendly quiz plugin for WordPress – easy to use and manage, but with advanced functions. It’s called Easy Quiz Player, and it contains all the features that are needed to create your own quizzes on your site. Check it out yourself, and test your knowledge about news of the World.

Easy Quiz Player’s different question types

Scale: Mark the right numerical answer on a scale.

Text: A regular text question, with an associated image.

Image: Like a text question, but with images instead of text alternatives.

Sort: Sort the alternatives in the right order, e.g. chronologically.

Video: Combine any of the four question types with a video clip of your choice. After watching the clip you get to answer a question relating to it.

Functions and features, with gamification elements

Easy Quiz Player comes with a lot of functions and features, based on gamification methods. Our aim is to offer a quiz tool that is easy to use, but still gives you an array of options and comprehensive statistics.

Some of the functions and features:

  • Five different question types
  • Time limitation
  • Points for each correct answer
  • A high score list
  • Challenges (via Twitter and Facebook)
  • Music & animations
  • Optional or random question order
  • Upload your own quiz and banner images
  • Extensive statistics
  • Ability to get new leads through player registration

No matter what tool or arena you use we hope that you contribute to the online quiz world that we work in and love. It’s a fun way to entertain yourself, spread information and compete with friends and others!

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