Gràffica design uses quiz to engage their visitors

Congratulations Graffica!

Every week we select a quiz that we’d like to feature on our website because of its value for all our users.

This week on Easy Quiz Player we’ve selected a quiz from Gràffica: Design Quiz.

This quiz contains the qualities that we think that a great quiz should have:
• Good content
• Nice design and images
• Entertainment and educational value

This is not Gràfficas first quiz. Gràffica has actually created 20 quizzes so far using Easy Quiz Player, totalling into over 28,000 games on all quizzes. There’s no doubt that Gràffica has what it takes to create engagement and make attractive quizzes.



grá news is a newspaper dedicated to the design world, and especially the area of graphic design, creativity and visual culture. Their mission is to create a space where professionals have an information and reference of what is happening in their sector.

Congratulations once again!

Please feel free to leave a comment on what you think about their work and quiz.

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