Gamification in marketing: A new WordPress quiz plugin to engage your audience

A new WordPress quiz plugin to engage your audience

T here is no escape from it. Our society today is one big marketplace 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In that massive stream of information it’s neither easy nor cheap for a business to make an impression. But there are ways to accomplish this even with smaller means.

To be able to create engagement, increase traffic to your site and Facebook pages and get new leads in a simple way is a very important part of today’s marketing. So how do you create engagement, loyalty and interest in a way that also let your target groups receive the information in a fun and educational way?

The answer is gamification. Gamification is in short the use of game thinking and game-like elements in non-gaming contexts to encourage participation and engagement. This has been used in different forms for many years, but it is only in recent years that the term has been widely spread and really something that has caught many businesses’ and key figures’ attention.

Gamification is here to stay

Gamification is more than just a trend. Gamification is transforming the way big brands and organizations engage and relate to their customers and employees, and the renowned research firm Gartner predicts that before the end of 2015 as much as 70 % of the world’s 2 000 largest companies will be using gamification in their marketing.

At the Swedish tech company MillionMind we have worked for more than six years with this, developing methods for incorporating game mechanisms and gamification in various businesses’ digital communication.

Easy Quiz Player – a new plugin for WordPress

This knowledge has been the foundation for a new product, specially designed for engaging online audiences through gamification. It’s called Easy Quiz Player, and it is a versatile tool for creating a quiz on your WordPress page. It is easily adjusted to fit each client’s businesses and needs and it also includes extensive statistics for measuring market activities in an easy and satisfactory way.

Some of the features in our Easy Quiz Player are:
• Time limitation
• Points for each correct answer
• A high score list
• Challenges
• Music
• Animations

All this will contribute to a more vibrant and engaging site, where you get new leads while keeping your visitors entertained, which make them stay longer on your site. Your brand and the information in your quiz are also spread wider by your visitors when they challenge their friends, creating a desired ripple effect.

More fun for your visitors, more effective for you. That is the upside with gamification in marketing.

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