Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I embed the quiz?

On each quiz page there is a shortcode to embed on your WP site, just paste it into the editor and we’ll do the magic 🙂
The first time you do this you’ll have to choose your subscription plan – the PRO version with all the features or the much more basic FREE version.

Embed Tutorial

Can I embed a quiz to an external page?

Yes. On the same page where you get your shortcode you can also choose to buy an external embed code for any other domain. Please note the external embed code is only valid for 30 days.

How does the PRO subscription work?

If you want to use the full potential of Easy Quiz Player, including all features, the best choice is PRO. In the PRO subscription you get:
• Random questions
• All five question types
• All quiz sizes
• Custom theme color
• No ads
• Extensive statistics
+ much more

You can choose to pay the PRO subscription either by monthly payment, and be able to cancel whenever you like, or sign up for a full year and get a nice discount. You can still pay monthly if you like.

What does Easy Quiz Player cost?

It’s free if you accept ads and limited features

PRO version (including all features):
-Yearly subscription: $100
-Monthly subscription, per month: $9.99

Basic version (same as FREE version but no ads)
– Turn off the ads: $2.99 per month

We also offer the possibility to pay for an external embed code (if you need to publish a quiz outside of your WordPress domain)
-30 day external embed code, valid for one domain: $499

Can I add videos from YouTube and Vimeo?

Yes, just get the embed code from the video and paste it into the video section when you edit a question.

How many questions do you recommend to use in a quiz?

We recommend to keep it relatively short, between five to ten questions. We also recommend that you use different question types to engage your visitors even more.

How many different questions types are there?

You can choose from five different question types:

• Text
• Image
• Scale (PRO)
• Sorting (PRO)
• Video (PRO)

Can I see who have played my quiz and other statistics?

Yes, there is a full section for statistics and analytics in the PRO version. You can even transfer the high score list of your registered players to an Excel file to use in your furthered marketing.

Is it possible to change theme colors to fit my brand?

Of course! There are two different default themes, light and dark. For each of them you can also adopt your own colors. Just go to the quiz template section and change the colors to fit your brand.

Does it work on Facebook?

Yes. We recommend creating a Canvas App when embedding on Facebook. You can also link from Facebook to your site.

Does it work in smart phones?

Yes, it works, and it’s responsive!

How many languages are supported?

At the moment ten languages are supported:

• English
• Spanish
• German
• Italian
• French
• Swedish
• Norwegian
• Finnish
• Danish
• Dutch

Is your language not supported?
Please send us an e-mail with your request:

How long can a quiz be active or published?

Forever! As long as you have an account. External embed codes are valid for 30 days only.

Does it work on all web browsers?

It works in most modern browsers. For Internet Explorer we recommend 9 and later. There could be some compatibility issues with odd browsers.

I have a feature request, what do I do?

Please send an e-mail to us with your request,

Is there a limit to how many quizzes I can create?

No, go nuts! Why not create different quizzes within your own business area?

Is there an API?

At the moment there is no API available, but we have plans for it in the future.

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